OUTPOST   [ out-pohst ]
1. An outlying settlement, installation, position, etc.
2. A station established at a distance to protect you from stress.
3. Your favorite new content creators.


We know it's corny but our campfire heart logo symbolizes our passion to create. That little spark inside all of us that burns out when we neglect it. Keep your campfire burning.

The campfire heart also represents how Outpost's very own iin Purwanti was born with the aid of an actual DIY campfire incubator. The village took shifts maintaining the fire to keep her alive. So, yes, it takes a village.

We’ve created a non-profit organization that gives opportunities to marginalized young Indonesian and American girls through culture, volunteer activism, and visual media.   Check it out.



iin Purwanti Cox
Executive Producer

George Cox
Content Creative Director